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Vineyard Planting – Leadership Development, survivability

Blessed Day to You,

Not sure what I will entitle this nuggets from heaven to vineyard/church planters.  Yet, by the end of this post, I should have something of a title that will link as a series for this manna nuggets.

Just wanted to share from time to time in this season restructuring a ministry.  As you may know, I have been with this ministry since 2005 and became an adviser in 2009.  In 2012 appointed as Chief Advisor to this ministry.  In July of 2013, asked and appointed as Moderator and in August of the same year an additional title added as COO.  Once moved to Tennessee shall be appointed as CEO.

Basically,  yes, basically back to basics is what this ministry will have to endure.  Going straight to the “Root” of planting.  It has been fallow ground and thus in this season will begin plowing the soil to plant.  We expect that by next year during the season of Sukkot,  have an abundant harvest with future harvests to grow productively.  So from time to time, I will share these thoughts, accomplishments, challenges, failures, strategies and the research.  Will be formulating all of this knowledge and learning experience into a training program.  For now, I am in sharing mode.  So let’s continue with this:

If the church planter provides leadership development training for new church members, the odds of survivability increase by over 250 percent. Of those church planters who provided leadership training to church members, 79 percent of their churches survived compared to only 59 percent of church plants survived among those who did not give leadership training.