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Another Year, Another “Life” Harvest

2012_0521_peony_flowers_by_adam_bavier_1024x680Spring has sprung with new life, re-blooming flowers, birds singing seems earlier and earlier these days.  As time for younger people seem to drag and in a hurry to grow up, those of us who are older wants time to slow down even if it is just for a tad bit.  The second-hand on watches and clocks seems louder, yet at times we wonder how much have we gotten accomplished in the past years including this year.  Before we know it…another year will be upon us.

Gracefully, sometimes impatient, I have learned to sit calmer now than I did before during my early ministry years.  Since we are in the season of Counting the Omer, a harvest season, I look at my life with not only great anticipation my personal harvest; it goes deeper than this developmental stage or I should say dimensional upgrading continuing into completing my divine destiny.

There has been much change in my life, yet it has been a necessity.  I wanted to start this blog with a positive entry as we have been sprung into Spring.  Summer is around the corner with its heat, sunglasses, some lazy days, picnics, days at the water park and my special place…days at the beach.

I look forward to more growth in my personal life, ministry life, entrepreneurial, physical, and of

cottages-by-the-sea (1)

course, spiritual. My prayer for you is that as you continue your journey, that it shall be fruitful, favor-full and prosperity in all areas of your life for you and your family.

Looking forward to sharing from His [G-d’s] heart to you and things in between.  Be it prophetic words, Scripture discussions and just a thought or two.

I hope you will visit me here from time to time at my cottage by the sea, there is always a kettle on the stove for tea, muffins, bagels and biscuits; and of course plenty of joy and good conversation.

Respectfully yours,

Shaliach Brown