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If I could walk the streets of Jerusalem…

jerusalemIf I were to move to a location outside my home location, temporarily, I believe it would be Jerusalem. I have always wanted to visit and spend some time there. Walk the same streets as Y’shua did. See the many sights, walking the paths as He did. Get to study there would be a blessing as well.

women's side of the western wall in Tefillah
Women’s side of the Western Wall in Tefillah

My first visit would be to the Western wall. Not only that but would see the golden top of the Temple. Stated that you could see it for miles.  I know there is a side for women to go and pray, been looking forward to going and placing prayers between the cracks for others. Yet, there has been a lot debate on whether women should wear the Tallit and other accessories while at the wall.  Many women have been arrested. Conditions there at the wall have not been favorable for us.  Here is a link with pictures of the conditions women are faced with: http://j.mp/YrGZ9J.  I will not get with too much of the politics of this, yet there should be equality in prayer time.  He, Y’shua, never stated this type of divisions. The men there promote segregation to the fullest intent whether legal or not.  I do not know or have seen that my prayers are less important than a man’s because I am a woman. All the commandments given by the Father during the marriage of Israel and HaShem during Shavuot, those that were taken out of bondage I believe that women were present during this festive occasion.  Why is it such negativity against women who have such a love for G-d.  Found another article in reference to the rights of women at the western wall. As you read the comments below where one writer wrote:

“We do expect that at the Kotel we be allowed to pray as a group. We expect to be allowed to wear whatever we wish within the common grounds of decency. We want to read the Rosh Hodesh (New Month Festival) Torah portion from a Torah Scroll and wrap ourselves in a prayer shawl and tefillin if that is our custom. We protest the discrimination against us based on gender and religious belief. We expect that the police act as protectors of these rights and not as enforcers of arbitrary rules thought up each morning by the director of the Kotel to harass us..”

Another writer wrote this:

“…as a Karaite, I often kneel to pray. I was equally offended recently while praying at the Kotel on my knees, a woman told me it was forbidden and I must stand or sit in a chair. Interestingly enough, I’d just finished praying: ” I will prostrate myself toward Your Holy Sanctuary in awe of You, O Hashem I love the house where You dwell, and the place where Your glory resides. I shall prostrate myself and bow, I shall kneel before Hashem my maker. “

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